The Best Risk Control Service Provider
for Export E-commerce

  • Wintranx focuses on cross-border e-commerce transactions, account appeals, fund freezing, customer dispute handling, and other risk control solutions’ integration and operation, to escort Chinese cross-border sellers to go overseas safely.

Covering the Worldwide E-commerce & Payment Platform

Why Wintranx

Cross-border sellers choose our products and services for innovative revenue and growth

High ROI

Zero upfront fee
Charge by results
Not success, no charge

Accurate Insight

1000+ stores unlocked
300+ case types
High appeal success rate

Professional Team

Master of risk control
Senoir industry experts
Intenational legal team


Reveal account hidden issues
Customized security solution
Quick setup risk system


Store Inspection

    • With an in-depth understanding of Ecommerce platform store/listing problems, it is convenient for sellers to make corresponding adjustments to avoid unnecessary risks and losses.

Customer Dispute Service

AI machine learning identifies customer disputes caused by infringement, logistics, fraud, and inconsistent product descriptions. It can automatically generate appealing emails to help sellers to settle complaints.

Appeal Service

From the seller’s standpoint, we provide complete appeal services for all kinds of disputes on the platform/acquirer, including order disputes, customer complaints, and rights limitation appeals, etc.

Account Release

To appeal against blocked or restricted Ecommerce platforms stores or payment accounts, we provide the best appeal plan according to different reasons. Retrieval frozen funds and recover losses for merchants.

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