Financial Institution Solutions

Online businesses in the financial industry face many pain points in the wave of digital transformation.
Wintranx uses financial data + risk control technology to build a risk control center covering the entire business life cycle to ensure the safety and reliability of every transaction.

Pain Points

Traditional collection institutions small and medium payment companies

Traditional acquirer
Small and medium payment companies

Solution Advantage

Quick setup payment system, directly integrate with acquirer, support CTV and MPGS

Automatic AI marchine learning and intelligent risk control management system

One-click steup international credit card risk control tools to predict risks

15+ years experience, familiar with global acquirers' rules and compliance policies

Related Products

Fraud Intelligence - Pro

Based on the big data platform, the AI machine learning system is used to provide efficient and accurate anti-fraud transaction identification driven by data and technology.

Chargeback Alert - Pro

We will issue chargeback alert to the merchants before the dispute arises, help merchants to pre-process the chargeback and refund, which greatly reduces chargeback ratio.

Abuse Detection - Pro

Rating the quality of all transactions, alerting risky transactions and helping financial institutions identify and block fraudulent transactions in a timely manner.

3D Secure 2.0 - Pro

Fully automated payment decision 3DS 2.0 verification, improved merchant transaction conversion, real-time order approval,enabling business growth.

Device Fingerprint - Pro

It accurately identifies users' terminal devices, generates unique device ids, and defends against various types of fraud attacks from the device source.

AML - Pro

Verify the equity penetration relationship and identify the actual controller. Through Dow Jones AML blacklist tool query filtering, confirm legal compliance.

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