Safeguard Every Transaction

Master the global risk data trends, build a cross-border transaction risk control center, intelligently monitor transaction quality in an all-round way, eliminate fraud, prevent chargebacks, and ensure the safety and reliability of every transaction.

Global Risk Control Partner

System Advantage

Global coverage

Worldwide payment methods expand business

Optimization of trading

Optimized solutions to increase approval rate

Data report

Provide users with visual data information


A solution tailored to each business requirement

Risk control engine

Fraud detection system based on risk control rules  

Qualification certification

It is certified by PSD2 SCA and PCI DSS LV1  

Risk Control Capability

Build a security system that covers the whole life cycle before, during and after the event to make business growth safer, smarter and more stable.


Web site detection precheck
Latest blacklist database
Analyzing historical data

Make Monitoring

Without interest confirmation
Transaction quality score
Prevent the detection tool from hanging down

After the Security

Notice of dishonour alert
Quick refund service
Member cloud Issue card

Recognize Loyal Shoppers Reduce Fraud

Intelligent learning machine. Use a data-driven approach to block fraud with a unique risk management engine.

Single Payment Integration Solves Fraud

Easily detect fraud online, in store, in app and wherever else your business goes next using an all-in-one payments platform. All data is in one place so you can enhance shopping experiences, improve brand loyalty and easily increase conversions.

About Fraud Management

Reduce manual work and get a full picture of your transactions with a smart fraud system that combines rule-based components with the latest machine learning

One Solution

Fully transparent solution to optimize all transactions

Real Time

Always-online, always learning and adapting in real-time

Full Control

Configure the engine to meet your business needs

Fully Transparent Setup

Our risk management fraud system relies on black box decision making and you will always know why a transaction was accepted or rejected. With a comprehensive view of each transaction, you can react in the way that works best for your business.

Protected Right Away

Experience intuitive out-of-the-box tools used by the world’s leading companies and are already assessing risks tailored to your industry to reduce fraud from day one.

Individual Risk Services For Any Business

Managed Risk

Focus on growth with a fully featured risk service as we take on your risk management and risk scoring

Managed Manual Review

Reduce the burden of case management as we take on case management

Standalone Risk API

Use our risk solution without integrating with our payments platform for a seamless integration

Smart Features Tailored to Your Industry

Behavior Analysis

Transaction Link

Risk Engine

Device Validation

3D Secure 2.0

Chargeback Alert

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