Risk Control S.H.I.E.L.D. | Avoid invalid processing, and the idea of appeal determines the outcome of the appeal!

“According to data, in 2020, at least 41% of global Amazon’s top sellers are Chinese sellers, and 63% of Chinese cross-border e-commerce on Amazon’s US website.”

“Made in China, sold by Amazon” is an important part of Amazon’s platform business. But the most worrying thing for Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers is undoubtedly how to unblock their accounts as soon as possible after receiving the platform’s “life-threatening email” .

The cases of these stores being closed and products being taken off the shelves are not accidental. Both new and old merchants must pay more attention to avoid the worst result.

In the process of operating an e-commerce business, there are actually various reasons for customer complaints, and the needs to be solved are also complex and diverse. Many sellers go directly to the lawyer team whenever they encounter a customer complaint problem. When handling complaints about account-related issues, you can ask a law firm for help.

If it is a transaction complaint, an important drawback is that because the law firm does not understand the card organization rules, it cannot help the seller to deal with it. If the seller communicates with the platform through various channels, the success rate of the complaint is extremely low. At this time, it is necessary to turn to a professional risk control agency with an internationally renowned card group resource background to make a specific analysis of the case situation, so as to provide an efficient and high-quality solution.

Therefore, if sellers encounter complaints, they should quickly turn to professional grievance agencies, such as Wintranx. We provide full-stack cross-border transactions for cross-border sellers, acquirers and payment institutions for cross-border industries. Risk control management and financial-related solutions, based on rich practical experience and good relationship with channels (Verifi and Ethoca global authorized partners), build a security system for sellers in the whole life cycle of before, during and after the event, so as to Avoid losses, recover losses – make business safer, smarter and more stable, and help enterprises innovate and grow.

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