Risk Control S.H.I.E.L.D. | High-energy warning – the life and death line of the Amazon platform, it will be sealed!

Cross-border sellers must abide by Amazon’s compliance policies in the process of Amazon’s operations. Some red lines, if the seller violates the product – the product will be taken off the shelf, and the account will be directly suspended!

So, what are the compliance life and death lines of the Amazon platform? What are the key points that sellers should pay attention to in the process of operation?

Amazon Seller Code of Conduct

On the Amazon platform, in order to ensure a safe selling experience, to ensure account security – the most basic thing is to follow the principles of fairness and honesty, and strictly abide by the “Amazon Seller Code of Conduct” and its related regulations .

Taking “US Station” as an example, the content of its “Amazon Seller Code of Conduct” is:

Source: Amazon Seller Central

  • Always provide Amazon and our buyers with accurate information

  • Act fairly and don’t abuse Amazon’s features or services

  • Do not attempt to harm or abuse other sellers and their products/ratings

  • Do not attempt to influence buyer ratings, feedback and reviews

  • Do not send unsolicited or inappropriate communications

  • Contact buyers only through Buyer-Seller Messaging

  • Do not attempt to bypass the Amazon selling process

  • Do not operate multiple seller accounts on the Amazon marketplace without reasonable business needs

  • Do not act in violation of price fixing laws

Since April this year, the European site has updated its sales policy and seller code of conduct to explicitly prohibit price fixing and search ranking manipulation.

act fairly

The “Fair Acting” guideline clearly states that it is unfair for sellers to manipulate Amazon’s search results or sales rankings . At the same time, it is emphasized that unfair behavior also includes manipulating reviews .

Source: Amazon Seller Central

  • Provide misleading or inappropriate information to Amazon or customers, such as creating multiple detail pages for the same product or posting offensive product images

  • Manipulate sales rankings (such as accepting fake orders, orders that you pay for yourself, orders that accept off-sale refunds, or orders that receive off-sale discounts), or claim sales rank-related information in item names or descriptions

  • Attempt to increase the price of an item after the order is confirmed

  • Artificially increasing web traffic (for example, using bots or paying for clicks)

  • Attempts to increase search rankings by manipulating keywords, or by incentivizing buyer search behavior (to make it appear natural)

  • Attempt to harm other sellers and their listings or ratings

  • Allow others to act on your behalf in a manner that violates Amazon policy or your agreement with Amazon

Ratings, Feedback and Reviews

Amazon always emphasizes that sellers must not attempt to influence or exaggerate customer ratings, feedback, and reviews. Sellers may request feedback and reviews from buyers on a neutral basis, but may not:

Source: Amazon Seller Central

  • Ask buyers to provide or remove feedback or reviews by paying a fee or offering an incentive such as a coupon or free item

  • Ask buyers to only give positive reviews or ask them to delete or change reviews

  • Only solicit reviews from buyers with a good experience

  • Review your own product or a competitor’s product

If you want to review the detailed code of conduct for your site, you can find it in Seller Central through the “Policies, Agreements and Guidelines”> Program Policy> General Policy> Amazon Seller Code of Conduct” for details.

With the continuous development of the cross-border e-commerce industry, the management and control of e-commerce platforms will become more and more strict. Touching any red line will bring a heavy and fatal blow to products and stores.

If you have any questions, you can leave a message below, or click “read the original text” at the end of the article, and consult the Amazon platform for customer complaints and disputes and account unblocking experts for free.

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