Risk Control S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Amazon’s “Second Brush” Really Helpless? The correct solution is here!

Sellers who run Amazon,

You must have heard of “Second Brush”.

Second brush = death penalty?

What is the second brush

1. For the first time, the shop was blocked for brushing, but after the appeal came back, the store was blocked again

2. I have only received warning emails such as swiping orders. After that, the account was directly suspended.

To sum up, even if the account violates the rules many times and repeatedly manipulates comments , it will be judged as “second brushing” by the Amazon platform.

Violations of Manipulating Comments

1. Third-party platform swiping, self-supporting account swiping, and co-selling swiping

2. Directly contact the buyer to leave a comment, change the comment, or delete the comment.

3. Put gift cards, paid claim cards, invitation cards, winning cards, etc. in the package

4. Merge direct comments, zombie links

Friendly reminder:

If the seller’s multiple accounts are selling products of the same brand, then one of the stores will be closed due to the second visit, which will cause all other accounts to be blocked due to “brand connection” .

Amazon’s punishment for accounts in the “second brush” situation is very severe , usually —

Close the account!

Seal the brand!

Freeze funds!

Once you receive an email from Amazon, the account has been basically sentenced to “death penalty”, the appeal is extremely difficult , the chance of account recovery is almost zero , and it is usually accompanied by freezing of funds .

In Amazon’s “banning tide” in 2021, there are many cases of being banned due to second brushing and brand sitting, and many sellers even ended their cross-border e-commerce careers ahead of schedule.

Source: Amazon

Wintranx provides professional cross-border platform complaint services, unblocks closed accounts , and recovers frozen funds . The success rate of complaints within 6 months is over 80%!

Not only that, but for difficult situations such as “the account has been appealed and rejected and will not reply again” and “failed to appeal the frozen funds” , Wintranx can successfully appeal and unblock with its professional technical strength and deep industry experience!

Friendly reminder:

If the account receives the ban email, do n’t panic , let alone appeal blindly , which will increase the difficulty of appealing in the future. It is recommended to consult the Wintranx appeal team to appeal as soon as possible.

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