Wintranx Partners with Verifi to Provide Merchants with Dispute Prevention and Preemptive Resolution

Wintranx Limited, a payment risk control system solutions company, has partnered with Verifi, a Visa company, to expand its dispute management solutions to merchants worldwide. Verfi’s PREVENT and RESOLVE solutions enable merchants to manage disputes in the pre-dispute phase and prevent chargebacks, while Verfi’s INFORM solutions provide dispute and fraud notification. Integrating Verifi’s dispute management solution will enable Wintranx to provide businesses with near real-time payment protection without the need for costly integrations for multiple services.

Wintranx will now be able to provide merchants with Verifi’s post-transaction protection while enhancing the user experience. Merchants will benefit from transferring invalid disputes, preventing friendly fraud, providing real-time dispute resolution, and receiving notifications to prevent future disputes and fraud.

Wintranx has professional risk control technology solutions, and by combining Verifi’s powerful and unique fraud and chargeback prevention solutions, we can provide merchants and payment solution providers with greater data visibility, faster dispute prevention and resolution , and enhance payment protection with Visa’s global scale.

With Wintranx risk control services extended by Verifi’s solutions, merchants can expect a strong return on investment in friendly fraud protection and effective lost sales and chargeback prevention.

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